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How to be a Cam Girl

Do you want to be able to make 3K each week by just putting in a few hours of work? If you do, then becoming a camgirl is the way to go.

This guide on how to become a camgirl shows you step by step how to become the best camgirl with a comprehensive guide. I really could have turned all the info I am going to share into a video and charge 400$ for it, but instead, I have decided to give it all away for free!

So, if you are wondering about how to become a camgirl, this guide is for you. I have also taken the time to create a 6-day camming course that you access in this site without even providing your email. You may also like to check out the article we have made for you on webcam modeling jobs; with this, it will be possible for you to make up to 10K each month!

NOTE. We don’t expect you to invest money. You need zero money to get started. All you need in order to start making money as a camgirl is a time.

The camgirl industry is growing at around the same speed as bitcoin, so the sooner you get started, the better! Some of the top camgirl models are earning $100,000 per month right now, and this was made possible for them by starting their camgirl careers just a few years ago.

What is a Cam girl?

A camgirl, also known as a webcam model, is someone that performs adult services from their laptop or computer in front of a webcam. Services include dancing, sex, fetish, and stripping.

The camgirl will have joined a camming site, and her feed is broadcast live via the site she has signed up for. Customers and people on her channel can then chat with her, watch her, and if they want her to do something specific for them, they will tip her money.

Camgirl Sites: Choosing the Best Camming Network/ Cam Site

If you are hoping to start a career as a camgirl, choosing the right network or site can make a big difference. I recommend you trust me and my experience and the sites I recommend. The alternative would be for you to trawl through all the sites and comparisons you find online.

IMP: I recommend that you sign up to all 3 of the networks and wait until you have made somewhere between $200 and $300. Then you can choose the one that works best for you.

Chaturbate is a highly recommended site that enjoys 322 million visitors each month. It is a trusted brand and the largest camming site currently on the Internet. Stripchat is the second site that I recommend you sign up for, mainly due to its high-paying clients.

It enjoys 40 million views each month and has great reviews, as well as providing you with a lot of different ways to make money. Lastly, I recommend Livejasmin to you for an amazing site with the best model support. It’s my personal favorite. Asides camming, I suggest you drive your fans to subscription-based platforms like onlyfans where you can make recurring cash each month; all the best camgirls are already doing it.

What Tools Do You Need and Equipment to Become a Cam Girl?

So, when you are in the thinking stages of becoming a camgirl, you will have a lot of questions that are lingering around in your head. One question that crops up all the time is what tools you will need in order to become a camgirl. I have made a list of essential and non-essentials, everything on my checklist being beneficial to your future career.

Asides this checklist, you can also check out our guide on how to look like a pro the very first day you start camming, thus ensuring that you make good bucks even as a newbie.

Getting Started: Camgirl Checklist

  • PC or Laptop. Most likely, you already have a laptop or PC. It is vital to have one, and you will need one with the capability of installing software so that you can go live. Although you can use this software as a Mac user, I recommend Windows all the way. I recommend you have 4GB of ram, although, with 2GB, you can start out. Check out our article on the best pc for camming.
  • A High Quality, 1080p HD Webcam. If you think that a built-in webcam will suffice, think again. You don’t want to look blurry when you stream, and mediocre quality will never earn you the big bucks you want. To get the sales you are after, you need to provide top quality video content, and this can only be achieved when you have a good quality HD webcam. To check out which webcam to use, read our article on the best webcams for camming.
  • Quick Internet Connection. This is also extremely important, as the quicker your internet connection, the better quality fast streaming you will have for your customers. If you have a slow connection, your streaming will be slow and may lag, and this will not bring you in the bucks you want.

Pro Tip: Before you start camming, take some time to discover what the fastest internet provider in your area is. Also, if you are connected to Wi-Fi, make sure that no one else in the home is using the Internet at the same time you are camming. To improve speed, you may like to run a cable from your PC to your router as this direct connection will also improve speed.

Setting up Your Camming Room

Here is a checklist to follow when setting up your camming area; where you perform can affect your audience a great deal.

  • Make sure that you cam from a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Get rid of distractions. You want your audience to be focusing on you and not on the wallpaper behind you.
  • Make sure that you don’t give your location away by any items in view of the camera. Things to be aware of that should never be in view are books, photos, or anything that will allow people to guess where you are. You should take your privacy very seriously.

There are a few things that you should have in order to make sure your camming area is set up properly; read this article to find out everything you need.

Pro Tip: To ensure you find the very best camming network for you, join all three that we recommend in this review. This will ensure that you find the network that suits you best and that will ultimately make you the most money.

Why Do I Recommend Only These Three?

When deciding which camgirl site to join, there are many different metrics to look at. In order for me to come up with my final list of three, I have carried out a comprehensive analysis that has allowed me to narrow it down to just three. The parameters I have used are:

  • Website Traffic: The more traffic that is heading to a site, the more paying clients there will be on the site. The traffic number alone is not sufficient in deciding which site is best as when a camming site gets more traffic; more models will join, meaning that a lot of models will all join the same network.
  • Terms of Payment and Payment Processing. When signing up, it’s important to read up on the payment terms, such as the way you will get paid, whether it be by PayPal, Paxum, or Bankwire, amongst others. As well as this, you need to check out the commission rate; check out how much you will keep and how much you must pay in commission. Also, take note of how the site handles chargeback.
  • Extra Features. None of the camming sites I have reviewed are perfect. One amazing feature on one site may be missing from another. It’s all about what you need and looks for, and at the end of the day, only you can make the decision on the site that works the best for you. Some sites will include extras such as phone sex, sexting, selling video, and selling nudes, but not all sites include these additional features.
  • System Requirement. As a mac user, you need to make sure that the camming software you need to use is compatible; some sites may only support windows.
  • Level of Competition. All industries that allow you to make money will find that they have competition sooner or later. But this isn’t something you should worry about, and it’s something we can advise you on when the time comes.

I recommend Chaturbate as the best camming site. It’s well known, with millions of paying customers, traffic of more than a million, and some great features you won’t find elsewhere. If you are starting out a cam girl, I recommend Chaturbate but also Livejasmin.

Becoming a Webcam Girl: Verification with the Website

When you decide to sign up for one of the sites that I recommend to become a camgirl, you will need to provide some documentation before you get started. Documentation required is as follows;

  • If you are not 18 yet, there’s no point in finishing reading this article. It is illegal to become a camgirl if you are a minor.
  • You will need to scan and upload a copy of your ID. Depending on the site you are joining, you may be required to provide one or sometimes two different forms of ID.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a scanner to use, simply take a photo of your ID, and convert it online to a PDF ready to upload.

Camming: How to Look Professional

There are a lot of things that you can purchase that will ensure you look like a pro, increasing your viewers and paying customers.

Sexy Outfits

To be a camgirl, you need to look ultra-sexy at all times. Make sure your clothes are revealing, sexy, and bring you out in your best light. To spice things up, make sure you have a variety of outfits. If you are stripping on camera, make sure to wear multiple layers for a really slow and sexy reveal. When you first start out, don’t spend too much. As you pick up work and customers, build up your wardrobe. Also, check out our article on the best outfits to wear.

Adult Toys

This one is pretty simple. The more, the better, everyone loves variety in the same way they will love to see you in a variety of outfits. With lots of toys, your cam shows will be far more attractive. With toys, you will also be able to cater to some fetishes, ensuring that you increase your customer base. If you are serious about your camming, invest in toys and outfits so that your regulars will keep coming back for more. Also, check out what we have to say about the best sex toys for camgirls.


A camgirl who doesn’t have great lighting really puts me off. It doesn’t matter how sexy you look; if you don’t have great lighting, you won’t look sexy. Natural lighting is not always easy to come by, so ensure that you invest in some lighting for the area you will work from. Check out our article on lighting to learn more.

For sex toys, we recommend you buy from Lovense. Great sex toys are vital for your success as a professional webcam girl. We recommend Nora, Lush, Hush, and Domi. For the best lighting, we recommend Limostudio and Cowboy Lighting Kits. Check them out on Amazon to see what prices they are available for.

Pro Tip: A wireless mouse and keyboard are a great yet cheap investment, as you won’t find yourself sitting in front and close up to your laptop at all times.

How Much Can You Make as a Cam Girl?

If you are reading our article, it’s because you are interested in working as a camgirl. To find out how much camgirls can make, I recommend you read our articles on camgirls and on Chaturbate models.

Camming: 10x your Income when you Cam

When you take up camming, there are plenty of different opportunities out there for making money online. There are plenty of ways to supplement your income, such as:

  • Selling your Own Porn. This is my favorite way to make extra cash. When you sell your own porn videos, you can make money when you aren’t live and even when you are asleep!
  • Become a Phone Sex Operator. When you become a phone sex operator, you can make extra cash by simply talking on the phone. If phone sex isn’t your thing, then you could try sexting; your number will be kept private, and in the case of calls, the calls are encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • Sell Nudes. Another way to make money is to sell nudes; I have written a guide on how to do this professionally too.
  • Sell Shows on Skype. Private shows via Skype will bring in far more money than your ordinary camming sessions. I have written yet another guide on this topic.
  • Sell Used Underwear. A really easy way to make money is to sell your underwear, some people being willing to pay up to $100 for your used panties. I have a guide for you to read when you can see that some people are making up to $3000 a month by selling their panties.
  • Sell Porn on Snapchat. When you sign up as a premium user on SnapChat, you can monetize your followers. All you need to do is sell VIP memberships to your premium account, where you can tease people for money.
  • Fetish Shows. You only have to check out dominatrix or financial dominatrix to see just how much money people are spending on fetish shows.
  • Be a Sugar Baby. This one is really easy to do, and I must admit that it’s my favorite.
  • Monetize your Premium Snapchat Account. Read our guide on how to monetize Snapchat to find out more.

Important: Snapchat is the best way to make money, as your followers will always crave your nudes as well as your messages and videos. Check out this guide that will allow you to increase your Snapchat followers instantly.

Pros and Cons of Being a Cam Girl


The money you can make is truly amazing; some of the best models on Chaturbate are earning $100,000 each month.

You will feel like a celeb, your fans treating you like a princess

You can follow your passion and make money at the same time. Camming is flexible and allows you to make money and start doing what you love most

You are your own boss; many people leaving high paid jobs in order to start camming and leaving behind having someone tell you what to do

Make money while you sleep by selling your own porn clips, nudes, and much more

It will boost your self-esteem and confidence as you converse with some of the most amazing people across the globe


You will be leading somewhat of a secret life, as it’s not something you can discuss with everyone. Also, finding a partner can be difficult as many men won’t be comfortable with the type of work you do.

Privacy concerns. As there are so many different sites online and pirate sites, it will only be a matter of time before you see your own images published online. People can take pictures or record your shows, and then upload it without your consent.

Results are not instant. Unless you are the perfect glamour model, you won’t start making lots of cash right at the start. The world of camming is very competitive, and it will take time and dedication before you start to make decent amounts of money.

Tips: You are what you Present

As a camgirl, you are selling a service, and the better the service, the more people will buy it. It could actually be said that the way you present yourself is more important than what you sell. When you take a professional approach to your camming, you will build up your audience more easily.

  • Always look clean and need, taking time to shower, put on your makeup, and clean your camming area.
  • Always aim to look your very best in every single Skype or cam show you do.
  • Try out new outfits and clothes, and see what your audience likes, capitalizing on the look they love the most.

We have taken our time to put together a guide on the best outfits and makeup for camgirls.


You need to be active and happy at all times. Dull faces don’t sell anything; that is unless you are into penis humiliation or BDSM.

It’s not hard to work out. No one is going to pay you to do nothing. So make sure you are always happy, smiling, and active. Have fun with your toys, and dance and tease your viewers.

The top camgirls around are making mega bucks as they know how to convert views into money.

Secret Tips: Number 1

Marketing and content go hand in hand, but you can’t afford to compromise on either. Don’t just focus on content or on your marketing strategy. Both are equally important.

It’s not as easy as It Looks

As a newbie in the camgirl industry, you may see it as a way to make a lot of money quickly. I can assure you that it’s not, and you will be faced with many hurdles and stumbling blocks along the way. You will have days where you are looking at your very best, but there is no one in the chat room. You need a solid strategy if you want to make it as a camgirl.

I hope you have learned a lot from this article and that all your questions have been answered. Join our seven-day email course on how to become the very vest camgirl to find out more and how to make ten times what others do.

Learn From the Best

To become successful as a camgirl, it’s not necessary to reinvent the industry. What you need to do is look at how the top camgirls are doing it and follow their lead. Check how they interact and check out the niches they target as well as their Snapchat to ensure your own future success.

Your Wish List From Amazon

There are plenty of ways that you can supplement your income by selling nudes or used panties or by monetizing on Snapchat. But, having a wish list has advantages as does getting gifts from your fans. Once you have some steady followers, it’s quite easy to create a wish list of things that you will use for your cam shows.

Make sure that the items on your list are relevant to camming, choosing sex toys and lingerie. This wish list can be promoted on all your social media profiles as well as on your camming pages. You can schedule tweets to be automatic as well as posting on other social media sites, meaning that your updated list will appear in all places at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing

An alternative to directly linking your camming profile is to use affiliate links. The top sites for camming all have affiliate sections where you can obtain a customized affiliate link for your profile. This way, each time someone signs up using your link, you will make money. Options here include revenue sharing or par per sign up. I personally recommend revenue sharing over pay per signup.

Benefits of Camming

As a webcam model, you can earn large amounts of cash, some of the top models making in excess of a million dollars a year. There is no upper limit to what you make on a daily or monthly basis. But, the more work you put in, the more potential there is for earning. When you cam as a career, you choose your hours and the amount you earn, just as long as you follow our tips and educate yourself on how to become a successful camgirl.

Setting your Own Schedule

Being able to work when you want has to be the biggest advantage of working as a cam girl. However, this does not give you 100% freedom. In order to make money, you must be willing to put in the hours. You need to be strict with your own timings, and never show up late for a scheduled show.

Your Fans Will Adore You

When you become a camgirl, you will get followers, and people will adore you and send you gifts as well as pay you compliments all the time.

Can I Remain Anonymous? Will People Find Out Who I am?

This has to be one of the most asked questions, and the straight answer is that you have nothing to worry about. No one will ever find out your address, name, or identity. Although you will need to upload your documents when you sign up, this information stays private.

Payments received will also come from a company name such as “ABC Medias” What this means is that your bank statement won’t be covered in details such as “webcam” The best webcam sites protect your privacy by paying out under alternative names.

Blocking Countries OR States

One way to remain private is to block viewers from your state or country of residence; this method is ensuring people won’t find out who you are.

Do I Need to Be Naked?

No, you don’t. Some people will happily chat with you in your sexy panties. Also, if you are not comfortable with cam work, you can opt to make money sexting instead. We have written our own article on how sexting can allow you to make money.

I am Not Good Looking, Does it Matter?

No, it doesn’t. If you are overweight, you could join the BBW category, or you could join a category for skinny models or one for fetishes where your face will never be shown.

What If Someone Uploads a Recording of Me?

I am not going to lie, this can and does happen. But, there are companies out there that can help you, and that will find and remove the content.

What if Someone Becomes Offensive or Rude?

Once again, it does happen, most especially if you are new to the business. If someone is rude to you or sends you offensive messages, simply leave the chat room.

Can I Guarantee A Regular Income?

No, it’s not. Not in the way that a regular job pays you a monthly wage. Some days you may earn nothing; others you may earn way more than if you were working your old 9 to 5 job. Be prepared for this, and also be prepared to diversify in order to keep your audience happy. Also, be prepared to take on other work to supplement your cam girl income.

How Soon Will I Make $1000?

There is no one answer to this question. It takes time and patience as well as dedication. Some people will get lucky, but for the most, it’s a case of working hard and following all the tips we have talked about. To make consistent money, you need a solid foundation, and this, in its own right, takes time.

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