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Frequently asked questions about cam modeling.

Is it legal?

Cam modeling is an economic activity, and it’s still on legislation. Companies provide contracts for models where the rights and obligations of each party are included. The money earned from cam modeling will be appearing in documents and will be taxed accordingly.

How much money can be earned?

When you decided to start working as a cam model, you can earn between $1000 to $25,000 monthly. Depending on the professionalism of the model, many models earn around $5-$10,000 per month. You may not earn that much in your first few months, but with focus and patience and training, you can easily achieve your goal income.

Can I work from home?

We recommend models to work in a studio because of the high-quality equipment studios provide. In addition to equipment, you can also get help with trainers and acquire resources easily.

Do I have to look perfect?

Everyone has different tastes. There are people who prefer skinny women and some prefer full-size women. You should at first love yourself and become confident with your looks to succeed in the modeling industry.